Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Out of Debt

Does anyone else have this as a goal besides me?  Getting of debt?  I have found a new exciting
company that helps me do that.  The software tracks all of my family's monthly expenses and our
debt.  We get a debit card with the system that pays us back a % on our purchases.  We also get paid
for what others on our team spend.

I enjoy playing with  the debt calculator.  I encourage everyone to see what this is all about.
The website is  Yes, I have a new website with Wake Up Now.

Oh, I almost forgot, how many of  you pay service fees to your bank.  The real-time posting of the debit card, keeps you on track with your spending. Goodbye bank fees.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Its October. Wow!!  The weather here in Utah says its summer.  The forcast is rain for the next five days.

I am busy driving my girls to their activites.  On Wednesdays Maranda has violin practice with the Weber Strings
at Weber State University.  Selena has an acting group she is in on the same evening.  One is at 5pm and the other is at 5:40pm.  This schedule puts me in the car for an hour. I drive from on end of town to the other.
These daughters also are working hard to raise tuition for a program next summer.  It is People to People
ambassador program.  They will travel to Japan for two weeks.  That is if they raise the funds.
So far they have had a bake sale on Friday and a yard sale today.  They raised a little over $100.00.
We are currently trying to find the best way to raise this money.

Sponsorship is an option.  If anyone reading this would like to find out more about the program or
sponsoring them, contact me at  I invite you to visit the website.
This program is amazing!!  The kids who attend gain so much from the experience.  We will work hard
and see if we can reach our goal.  My daughters attend a charter school, DaVinci Academy of Science and Arts.
They love their school!!!

Now a different subject.  This week is general conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
It is one of my favorite weekends.  As a member of the church I enjoy listening to instruction from the apostles and our prophet.  It is a great spiritual feast.  There are five two hour sessions of speakers and sacred music.  I enjoyed the speakers I was able to listen to on the radio while my husband test drove a couple of cars.

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