Friday, April 8, 2011

Win A Wirlpool fridge from Sears

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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Dear Crissy is giving away an HP TouchSmart 310
I know we could use a new computer in our home.  We haven't had a desktop computer in a few years.
We should have one for me and one for my husband and one for the kids.  So winning this contest
would be a blessing for us.  My teenagers need to do more homework for school on the computer it seems
now than when they were younger.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Hi everyone,
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Love Is All That Really Matters

WOW!!!  It is the end of another year.  Does time go faster as we age? I guess I will continue to explore this
thought as I turn one year older this week.  I am close to fifty. That is another WOW!!  When I was young
I never imagined myself being middle aged.  That was my parents.  How many of you feel like I do?

I spent Thanksgiving at my parents home with my youngest daughter.  She's two years old.  We had lots of fun!!!
We spent many hours just watching her.  It was very enjoyable for my parents as she looks just like I did at that age.  For them it must have brought back lots of memories.  I am their eldest child.

I also spent time reading my paternal grandparents love letters.  It was something to see their life as a courting couple in their twenties, who were so much in love.  They passed away years ago, but I got to feel close to them again, and view their lives from a different perspective.  My grandma wanted my grandpa to burn them all.  Thankfully he never did.  The letters would make a great book or movie.  They were married in 1929.  It was a tough time to begin a life together.

Now we are living in tough times in every way, again. Our nation is struggling to remain a free country.  Our economy is depressed, many people are out of work just like when my grandparents were young. People are letting despair and fear rule their lives. Families are breaking apart all around us.  People are turning away from God.  There is a lot of history repeating itself.  But as we end another year, I am thankful I live in the United States of America.  I can do or make what I dream for my life.  No where else in the world can we do this.
I have hope that righteous men and women will stand up for what is right in their communities.  That we will show more kindness to our neighbors and in our families.  That we will find joy in doing what is right.
Lets not waste our days in silly pursuits, but remember who we are and why we are here.  If you don't know
yet who you are and your purpose in life then for your sake and your loved ones find out.

I am so glad that our calendar year ends with the celebration of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  For me this helps me begin a new year with renewed hope.  Some recent years have been ones that I would not ever want to repeat but, I usually can count on the last two months being a time of thanksgiving, peace and celebration.

I have the best family.  My kids are the best.  I love my husband and he loves me.  As my grandpa Verdon  wrote to my grandma Vera " love is all that really matters."

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This week

This past week was busy and fun.  My youngest daughter Megan turned 2.  We had a party.  I can't write about
it like my eldest daughter Maranda did so I will refer you to her blogsite.  Here is a picture of Megan at her party with her 4 year-old cousin Spencer. They are lovin' those cones.

It seems to me that time is going faster and faster as it passes.  Does it for you?  When your baby turns 2 that ends her days of babyhood.  She is so big that it is hard for me to carry her for very long.  She wants to be independent but thank goodness not for very long.  I am not ready for her to grow up.  She is our last child.  I try to enjoy and cherish as many moments as I can.

I ended the week planting.  Yes it is November and I planted some bulbs with the help of my daughter Selena, and Megan tried too.  Here in Ogden Utah it is usually in the 30's in November.  Not this weekend it is in the 60's.  If our house doesn't sell before spring then we will have daffodils and tulips to brighten our spirits.

I am working on my business.  I started it 4 weeks ago on Monday.  Wake Up Now is the name.  I am looking for seven people to work with that want to get out of debt and be free from money worries.  It is very simple and I will support anyone in setting up your business and getting out of debt, that is willing to work as hard as they can to copy what I am doing.  It is very simple.  I have two websites,,  Don't be concerned when your information is asked for, I am the only one who sees it.

I have also started a new workout program.  I follow Dr. Mercola's exercise routine.  His website is  Find the exercise link and read about it and how to do it.  I love it and what it does.

Now I am thinking about the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Mommy of Light: Out of Debt