Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Not my canned food, a representation.
Tomorrow is the first day of school for two of my children; Maranda 15, Selena 13; Sophomore in high school, and
eighth grade respectively.  We have spent a few hundred $$$ getting all three of my four children outfitted for
school.  That is just in clothes.  Schools supplies came in under $10.  But that is just to get them through the first week.  School fees for the charter school my daughters attend are over $500. My son Joseph begins on Wednesday.  He is 10, almost 11 years and in the fifth grade.  His school fees, very little.  His clothes- about $175.
I will have my baby Megan at home she is 21 months old.

We have been busy the past week, not only with the above, but we are doing a few fix-ups on our house.  We have a contractor coming in to help with most of it.  But we are doing some too.   We have redone all of our 1909 house ourselves, to this point.  We have lived here since the summer of 2006.  Our contractor will do some surface texture repair of the ceilings, trim work outside, and in one bedroom, and painting the upper third of the house where the wood shingles are.  The rest of the exterior is brick.   I painted our upstairs bath yesterday.  This is not a great accomplishment for me, except I did it late in the day, when it was 99 degrees outside.  We don't have central air.  I had been up since 5am.

I decided it was  my turn to volunteer at our food co-op we participate in.  I took my to oldest girls, we enjoyed
doing our part.  We especially liked getting some extra produce for helping.  Ummmm.

I have a blendtec blender and it is wonderful having inexpensive produce to make delicious foods with in
my new kitchen machine.
Our peaches, apples, pears, and walnuts are almost ready to harvest.   I plan on doing some canning this year.
I froze some Olathe Colorado corn, and made apricot freezer jam.   I feel so good when I create something,
especially when it turns out well.
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