Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taste of things to Come

I miss my kids. Three of the four have been visiting their grandparents in West Virginia,with
their Dad and step mom. They are having a great time. First time to fly.
I have one child here with my husband and I. She is 19 months and without her siblings is a
handful. She seems to miss them. They bring out a spark in her personality. That her middle-
aged parents can't do.
We do have less noise, less food consumption, less garbage creation, but we are all missing
Maranda, Selena and Joseph. I think even the neighbor kids my son plays with are outside
less since hes has been gone this week.
Could be just the hotter weather temperatures.

This is probably a glimpse of what our family life will be like as they continue to grow-up.

I love my family. I will be happy while they are away. I will be happy when they return safe
to our home. I have a feeling that they are missing us too.

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  1. Our oldest is 18, graduated HS in 3 years, was in a hurry to grow up and move on to college. She ended up deferring a year and is working as a waitress.

    5 more to go...I can relate though.