Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creating Our Hearts Desire

Today in church we discussed the creation of the earth. We also spoke about each of having the ability to create. I am listening to a woman who wants to teach others how to be their true selves. She speaks about the sixth sense. If you want to know what that is, you'll have to research that on your own. But basically it is the "inspiration sense".

This is one of my hearts desires. Writing a book about my amazing, exciting, miraculous, at times terrifying life. This is the beginning of it.

I have learned from listening to Sonia Choquette that everyone needs to have listening eyes. I have two people that comes to mind that are my listening eyes for a book. My mom, and my high school best girlfriend Yvette Arts.

I have many hearts desires. I want to be a doula again. It is a birth coach. This takes alot
of physical stamina. Maybe someday I'll have the stamina again. I am homeschooling my son Joseph. I have wanted to do this for a few years. This year is the year for me to be able to do this.

What are your hearts desire? Do you have support. Sonia Choquette, the woman I am listening to at this moment, says "even Christ had 12 helpers". We are all here to help one another.
How am I doing? How are you doing? Ask yourself if you are living your hearts desire.

I hope you all have a great week. My last week was a great week. My husband and I received some news that will help us reach some of our family's hearts desires.


  1. You go, girl! You have it inside to write and to create. And I'd love to lend some listening eyes.

  2. I really like your blog. Keep going I love reading it. Love and hugs