Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slime and Sympathizers

Yesterday I made slime. It was fun. What does that say about me. It's really quite easy, only four ingredients.
I suppose that I can still have fun even if it is in the favorite class of my 12 year-old daughter and my 10 year-old son.  We attended science Saturday at Weber State University.  We learned about electricity, cells, we made a hovercraft too.

Recently I smashed my baby's left thumb in our screen door. This was not only highly traumatic to her but to her brother Joseph. He and I were the only ones home. He had to sit by her on the way to the ER. They were both howling. She more than he. It turned out that the tip was fractured.
She wore a bandage for about 4 days. Yes. I did change it over that period of time.

All parents feel horrible when they cause an accident that harms one of their children.
My Mom closed the VW bug car door on my hand in 1963. I was younger than my daughter at the time of my accident.
She sympathizes with me. All moms can with their daughters.

We all share so much. What have you done this past week that you can share with your mom or daughter or sister.

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