Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mindful Women

My husband and I decided that I should have money set aside in our family budget for a massage, for me.
This month is the beginning of the monthly massage.
A little background note here;  I am married to a former massage therapist.  The important word here is former.
For several reasons, that I won't share he will not give anyone, even his wife a therapeutic massage.  If I am lucky I can get a 2-3 minute mini-one.  And let me tell you it is a mini one.  If he does begin a massage his hands never reach my legs.
I have fibromyalgia/cfc .  So for me a massage isn't just a luxury.  It has become a necessity.

Last week I had my one hour of time for my body and me.  I have chosen a spa called Mindful Women.
While I was enjoying the blissfulness, a thought came to my mind.  Are we mindful women?  I concluded that
I view myself as mindful of many, many things. They include: my family, my husband and children, my extended family, my neighbors, the people I interact with at my local supermarket, my relationship with my God, my home,my country and even the world.  I know many women whom I consider mindful women.

I believe that it is the women that rule the world.  We do so quietly, through our influence on our children, our
husbands, our co-workers, our community and so on.  Now through the medium of the internet so many of us that wouldn't have been heard in the past, can be heard all around the world, influencing others we  may never know.  So much is said today about our "carbon footprint".   More importantly, what is our person-to-person footprint.  Are we mindful of our daily interactions with each person we come in contact with?  I know I am trying to be.  I also know I can do better.

Here is a challenge. Take the next week and be aware of how you treat everyone you have some sort of interaction with.  Even customer service people on the phone.  Make a note of some of your interactions,
whether they are positive or negative and see what kind of person-to-person footprint you are leaving.
Most importantly; remember your family, they are the most important people you will ever know!!

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  1. I have fibromyalgia, too. I feel your pain. I'm glad you started your blog--way to go!