Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today Is What It Is Part II

I just started homeschooling my 10 year-old son, Joseph.  We began on Wednesday.  It went well, considering, I had spent the past evening in the ER at the University Hospital.  They couldn't find the reason for my PAIN!
The pain med. was great.  My room in the hall was not. There was a curtain that I could pull around my gurney but there were windows looking into a room with a patient in it. A wall of windows.  Hmm.  I think I should be billed the non-room or only a hall fee.  When they offered to have me stay overnight for observation;  I said, "no thanks," I prefer my bed-'room'.  I can observe myself.  After all I was a nurse for more that two decades.

I canned pork chunks at my church wet-pack cannery on Friday.  I was there promptly at 8AM, after getting up at 6AM, taking my first child Maranda to an early morning religion class, then getting dressed.  Oh, I am sort of dressed when I drive her to her class but not in clothes I would be seen in public wearing.   Then I took my second child, Selena to school.  Maranda walks from her religion class to school.  I think, I combed my hair.  Sometimes I forget to do that.  I know I brushed my teeth, because I had some make-up on.

What does a person do when they can raw meat?  I got to don a wrap-around apron, hair cover, then a long
plastic, disposable, apron.  I had two pairs of gloves, one pair of cloth, and one disposable.  The meat is cold!
My assignment was to put raw pork in the cans on a continuous turntable.  I did this for two hours.  This is so I can get a discount on the product for long-term storage.  It was also the day to pick-up my hamburger I canned last month.  They were also selling berries, in thirty pound boxes.  I got strawberries for $26.40.

I was so blessed to see a familiar face in the pick-up line.  Someone from my congregation was there to get his food.  I had an appointment that I wouldn't make if I stayed, because the pick-up line was sooo long.  He agreed to get my order for me.  If I came back later I might have lost my berries.  I still would have received my canned hamburger.

I am glad I got the berries.  My family has gone crazy over them.  They are the best frozen strawberries I've tasted!!  Saturday we had strawberry waffles, with strawberry sauce.  Yum.

We have canceled TV in our home as of this past week.  We also canceled our land line.  We now have cell phones & to replace the land line.  Magic-jack.  It is working so far.  Our cell phones were free with Sprint.
My husband & I have phones that normally sell for $500.  My two girls have $50 phones.  This is how we got our phones and activation for free.   The store had mail-in rebates.  I don't do mail-in rebates.  They didn't have enough of the fifty-dollar phones in stock for the four of us.  So they offered us one $500 phone.  When my husband had returned to the store they found another $500 phone.  We also received 15% off on our contract.  My girls think it is great to have their own phones.  It is free to call or text from cell-to-cell. We have 1500 minutes per month on our family plan.

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