Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wedding Anniversaries

We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on February 13th.  That doesn't sound so momentous.
Except to us.  These first 2 years have had every conceivable big life event you can think of.
The birth of our daughter, a flair-up of my disease from the post-birth, near death experience I had.  It took me a year + to recover and I still receive IV iron transfusions.  A business loss.  Blending of two families. A crisis with my husbands depressive disorder.  We have accomplished much and are now richly blessed with healthy children, stable income, enough to meet our needs and more.  A new, used car that fits everyone.  My husband is back in college all paid for courtesy of the Veterans Administration.

We have had other marriages prior to ours.  So we began our marriage with some experience.
We went to dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  I had a delightful, peaceful meal. I enjoyed watching Megan
try hot and sour soup from Dad, eat rice, mostly with her hands.  I even remembered my camera for some candid video.   Thanks honey for doing all the work with Megan, so that I could rest, relax and enjoy my time
with you and Megan.

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