Sunday, February 7, 2010

Today Is What It Is

Today was going to be a good day if not a great day.  However,  I woke-up with the flu. Blah.
My three older children were with their dad.  My husband, John and my 15 month old daughter, Megan and I
were going to have as quiet a Sunday as you can expect.  We attend church each Sunday, but we have
a lot of young children in our congregation.  That is what I mean about quiet as you can expect. 

Megan is teething.  She has been for a month.  All of her top teeth are coming in at once, including one molar.
She makes a lot of whining sounds.  So no quiet at home today.

My husband took the baby for a drive this morning, while I napped.  It is rare that I get a nap.
What mom gets a nap?  Not anyone I know.  Today I did for a whole hour!!

I planned to fix a nice lunch today.  It was going to be beef stroganoff and fresh asparagas.
If it is still fresh, after five days in the fridge.   I forget what food I buy.  How can I remember?
I could make a list and post it on my fridge.  I could have one of my kids do that for me.
The problem is remembering to make the list.  At least I make it to the store to buy the food. But I
loose my list on the way from the house to my mini-van or from my mini-van to the store.  Maybe if I
walked to the grocery store.  It's only a block away, I may not loose my list.  I may improve my fitness

level and see my neighborhood differently.
I think I'll put this on my to-do list tomorrow.

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