Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Unexpected Surprise of the Day

This is what I found myself doing while waiting to see a doctor for about
two hours this afternoon.
Joseph was with me, he is 10.  We were using the latex exam gloves as sling shots of sorts.
He sat across the exam room from me about 5 feet. We shot the gloves at each other.  We would aim and try to launch our gloves at the same time, but I just couldn't quite do it on the count of 3.  I was always a half a second to soon or to late, and mine sometimes wouldn't fly at all, it just dropped at my feet.  We had exhausted all the other entertaining things a person can do while waiting, me sitting on an exam table, half dressed, in a patient gown. Which are, see how tall we are, weigh ourselves, smell the garbage can inside and declare it to smell good.  Because it smells like alcohol.  That was Joseph. Not me. We had
already sat and sat and sat in the waiting room. I reading my book about leadership education.  He having walked up and down the length of the clinic building floor twice.  It is very long.  It is a huge tower attached to a hospital in Salt Lake City.By the time I was called back to the exam room, he was very tired, thirsty and bored.  He had also played a game on my cell phone and visited the restroom, got 2 drinks from the water dispenser thingy, ate some crackers, he earlier, said he didn't like, chewed a piece of bubblegum, and asked, when is it your turn, when is it your turn, a few times.

The exam glove game was a lot of fun. I even found myself ducking for cover, and laughing, just because Joseph as a contagious kind of, Woody-the-Woodpecker, laugh.

So I know next time I have any kind of medical appointment or procedure or anything like this; the person to
take with me is Joseph.

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