Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We don't have regular TV transmisson right now and haven't  for several months.
I like it.  I don't seem to have enough time in my day now to accomplish all I want to.
I don't know how I did when I watched TV a couple of hours a day.
For my entertainment I have 4 kids, though the 20 month old is the most entertaining.
I think she is the most adorable baby ever.   We watch Netflix for entertainment.
But a lot of the time I miss portions of the movie because she stands in the middle of the
room and dances or climbs upon the two sub-woofers that we don't currently use and perches
there talking to her audience-us.  I could just watch her for my entertainment and it would satisfy
the cute, adorable quotient we all need in our lives.  Like when you just have to have that
puppy that is oh, so cute, until it chews your favorite shoes.
So I hope my youngest daughter stays in this cute, adorable, I could sit and watch her for hours
phase, much, much longer.  Because my other children are far passed that now.  Teenagers,  need I say

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