Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Wonderful New Habit

This morning my husband, my baby daughter and I went cycling.  I haven't been for a very
long time.  We just bought a baby seat for the bike.  So now we all can go.  My other children
were at school.  It was a wonderful ride.  The bike trail goes by the river, under a couple of streets,
it ends a couple of times.  The city is in the process of constructing more of the trail by the river,  We
rode on some parts that were unfinished.  The weather was perfect.  The picture above is along the
bike path in Ogden Utah.

I told my husband we have to do this every morning.  Later in the day I could barely sit down.  My
butt bones were bruised it seemed.   Maybe it will be a couple of days, until I am toughened up some.

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